I am Sherry Evans, I know it’s an unusual name but I like it a lot 🙂 My father grew up in France and there cheri means darling so he gave me this name “Sherry” that sounded like cheri lol. Although, my mother says he likes wine that is why he named me Sherry. It’s a funny name story.

I grew up in England but soon after getting married I moved to Los Angeles, California. My husband has a job in USA, so I came along. I miss UK a lot but the bright sunny days in LA are just amazing so I don’t have a problem with moving here.

I don’t do a job, I am self-employed. I work from home. My work is basically reviewing and rating different products. Reviewing products and giving my opinion is my passion.

I think often people buy products by just looking at their packaging, however, in my opinion it is extremely important to check a detailed review of the product before buying it. This way you will not end up buying a useless product, instead you will buy something of use.

Apart from reviewing products, I also like spending time with my family. I like traveling and listening to music.

If you want to share your thoughts with me, please do not hesitate. You can contact me HERE.