Lipolysis For Weight Loss

Lipolysis For Weight Loss – As obesity is becoming common problem worldwide, more and more people are trying different methods to lose weight. One such method is lipolysis for weight loss. Lets discuss it in detail…

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Lipolysis For Weight Loss

Your body weight is a combination of total body fats and total body mass. This includes the weight of muscles, bones, water, tissues, blood etc. If you want to lose weight then it is important to breakdown the body fats. This is known as lipolysis. Lipolysis for weight loss is the ultimate long-term solution.

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Lipolysis for Weight Loss – The Facts

It is difficult to reduce weight by burning the excess fats and calories. However, it is the best and the most effective technique for long-term weight loss.

When you diet, you experience weight loss. But that weight loss is a result of losing lean muscle mass and body fluids. Therefore, it is a short-term weight loss. The biggest drawback with this kind of weight loss is that it hurts your system. It makes you unhealthy. Losing leans muscle mass is harmful for your body.

When you lose weight with lipolysis, it improves your overall health and fitness levels. When you lose that excess fat, your organs become more efficient. Basically, the meaning of lipolysis is oxidation of body fats into energy. This increases your energy levels and makes you more active.

Now you know that lipolysis for weight loss is very important. Lets discuss some factors that affect lipolysis.

Dietary Factors That Influence Lipolysis

  • Starvation or Strict Dieting

The biggest myth is that if you starve yourself or you do strict dieting then you can lose weight. The fact is that when you starve or diet, your body becomes deprived of essential nutrients. This puts your body in the panic mode. Then your body starts conserving and storing all the calories available. This results in decreased lipolysis.

  • Consume Low Calorie Food

The most important thing for weight loss is to consume low calorie food. Instead of going for the conventional food, you should choose its low calorie alternatives. These low calories will force your body to burn all the stored fats to produce energy. This results in lipolysis.

  • Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

Carbohydrates are easily broken in the body to produce energy. So, when carbohydrates are available in your body, lipolysis reduces. When you have less carbohydrates in your body it naturally increases the process of lipolysis.

Influence of Exercise

  • Strength Training Exercise

Strength training exercises also help to increase the process of lipolysis in your body. Weight lighting is a kind of strength training. It involves your muscle tissues. When you lift weights, fatty acids stored in your muscle tissues releases. Gradually, the oxidization of fat increases your energy levels and this results in the increase of lipolysis.

  • Intensity of Exercise

High intensity exercise does not cause extreme fat burning. Every individuals body reacts in a different way to different form of exercise. Everybody has a point where they experience maximum amount of lipolysis. If the intensity of your exercise is greater than your body’s capacity then lipolysis slows down.

  • Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise like swimming, biking, walking etc. is extremely good for health. It increases your heart rate and works like cardio exercise. It improves the circulation of oxygen in your body hence, making you feel more healthy. This oxygen easily gets combined with the fats (and not proteins) in your body. This naturally helps in increasing lipolysis.


Lipolysis For Weight Loss